❝Being together with that person and chatting with him for a few hours,Facing that person, I felt that all my opinions about him are not necessarily correct.Because sometimes I feel that I have known him for 10, 20 years but at some point, I suddenly felt that I have never known him at all.It was my first time to meet him but I got this unexplainable good impression about him I like his clear child-like eyes, I like his innocent child-like smile, I like his shy child-like feeling Since the first time I met him around 10 years ago, I have been paying attention to him as a fan.After 10 years I am again indulging myself in clicking the shutter of my camera.I am not meeting YuChun of JYJ. I am also not taking photos of the actor Park YuChun. I just saw a person named Park YuChun.❞ photographer Zo Sun Hi.

dongsaengofdarkness asked yoosu or jaechun

dongsaengofdarkness asked yoosu or jaechun

Suit & Tie

Changmin ¨Gold Dust´ [The Mission II]

Changmin & Moon Ga Young The Celebrity Magazine

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